Should You Work Together if you're  a Couple?

Hear what works and what doesn't.

Health & Fitness

with Coach Kevin

Find out what's hot and what's not in the wrestling universe every Sunday with Jay & Dan.

Tune in to interviews featuring musicians, actors, and individuals with unique or fascinating hobbies and professions.

Lisa Concepcion specializes in helping successful people who struggle with marriage issues, break-ups, divorces and pre-marital preparation.

Joyful Sleep & Motherhood

Dedicated to the well-being
of both infants and mothers.

Food Face-Off 

Watch as hosts PD & Connor face off with

recipes or random foods supplied by

Sobeys in Amherstburg, where the judging can leave them a little "Hot under the collar"

Discover Your Path to Happiness

With Physical & Mental Medium Bella Silva Cacilhas.

Twisted Tuesdays With PD & Donna

The challenges are given..

What happens next is anybody's guess!

Tune in when we sit down with our "Experts in the House".

Each week our guest will be a professional in their field and share their expertise with us. 

Everything from Real Estate, Medical, Mental Health, and more.

Real Estate Expert - Amanda Andrews

PSW - Carlie Gandza

 "Grumpy Grampy" and his

best buddy Baxter tell short stories that

have a moral at the end.