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April 2024 Newsletter

April 4, 2024                                                                                                              

Greetings CKRT Border City Friends,

Thank you for subscribing to our monthly newsletter, and welcome to the very first one.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank every one of you for the support since we started the station. The calls, the emails, and the texts that help us build our playlists with the songs you want to hear is so helpful for us, so thanks for that!

It has definitely been a journey so far, and thanks to all of you and my amazing team, it’s been a successful one.

If you have ideas for other content you’d like to hear we are always listening so send it our way. If there is a place you would like to see us on-location in southern Ontario just let us know and we will see what we can do to make that happen for you.

We have some exciting things coming up.

We will be doing a contest in the next couple of weeks to give away an Amazon Alexa. We are just waiting for permission to be part of the Alexa programming (nothing happens fast) but we are expecting it to be completed by next week.

We are also in the process of building our apps for Apple and Microsoft, so rather than going to the website and hitting listen live, you will be able to download the app from the google play store, or the Apple app store, depending on what phone you have. Again, they are in the permission stages and it’s not a fast process.

Join PD and Donna on Tuesday Mornings at 8:00 am EST for Totally Twisted Tuesdays, and be ready to laugh. This will be a Facebook Live at the same time.

Let’s see how awake PD is and if he’s up to the task of the challenges Donna finds for him.


We have some Live on-Location events coming up as well

On April 8 we will be at GL Heritage Brewery for an eclipse viewing party. They will have lots of events for the whole family starting at noon. Stop by and say hi if you’re in the area. They are located at 8728 Howard Ave, Amherstburg.


We will be at Sobeys in Amherstburg on May 5 to celebrate Rick & Krista’s first anniversary at the store. More details will follow for this when the date gets closer.


That’s about it for newsletter #1.

Our next one will be out on May 1, so if you would like anything added such as special events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc... just send it to us at and we will get it in there for you.

We love hearing from our listeners.

If you have questions, comments, requests, or even show ideas we want to hear about it!

Studio & Contest Line - 226-759-8280

Stay safe and thanks for listening to our station.

All the best,

Donna Tuckwell & your CKRT Border City Radio Team


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May 2024 Newsletter

Hello CKRT Family

Welcome to our May Newsletter

Well we have another month under our belts, and I don’t know about all of you, but my summer body and my winter body aren’t much different.

Every year I have the same conversation with myself (and I’m actually quite convincing at the time), that this will be the year I whip myself into shape so I can rock my totally not sexy one piece bathing suit.. then holidays arrive with all the wonderful meals, late night snacks while I’m working, my husband is a great cook (so I blame him a little bit for the extra ‘junk in the trunk’), days that end in Y, you name it I can find an excuse. Bottom line, I like to eat and I have the will power of wet toilet paper. I’m great at the pep talks, but honestly, my follow through needs work!


Continuing with our culinary theme, we have some thrilling developments this month.

Beginning Monday, May 6, our beloved morning host PD will be launching his own cooking podcast titled ‘Food Face-Off’.

Every other week he will engage in a cook-off with a ‘guest chef’ (and I use that term very loosely) with ingredients supplied by the show's sponsor, Amherstburg Sobeys.

The decision will be made whether to provide a recipe with the ingredients or to challenge the cooks with a selection of random items, testing their creativity.

Additionally, Amherstburg Sobeys will appoint the judges for the ultimate taste test (a daring task indeed).

The cook-off's runner-up must concede defeat and endure the heat of a hot pepper while reciting the show's closing credits (grown by Rick from Sobeys).

Thank you to the folks at Sobeys for being such a wonderful support to the station, and to Amherstburg Community Services for donating their kitchen for us to cook and record the show. We appreciate it more than words can say.

You will be able to find the shows in the podcasts section of our website every other Monday.


Every Wednesday at noon (EST) you can tune in to LoveQuest with Lisa Conception. 

Lisa is a Certified Life Coach helping Type-A, success-minded people who struggle with love to heal from breakups, cure codependency, repair relationships, date with confidence and rebuild life after divorce. You can also reach out to her personally if you have issues you may be struggling with and would like to speak to her privately, Click here to visit here to visit her website.


If you’re a new parent, grandparent, have kids that don’t like to sleep, listen to Brielle on Thursday mornings at 11:00 AM (EST) on Joyful Sleep and Motherhood. Learn tips and tricks to get into a routine and make life rested and peaceful again.

You can visit her website at

We will be running a Mother’s Day contest from May 6 - 12 with the opportunity to win one of two prizes, sponsored by Joyful Sleep & Motherhood.

Contest details will be announced next week on the air, on our website, and on our Facebook, so stay tuned.

Grand Prize:

Little Dreamers Sleep Education Call

This package is perfect for anyone who has a child 4 months and up. An

initial intake form will be sent out to you to fill out, this form will take

upwards of an hour to complete but the in-depth form will help me look at

your sleep challenges from all angles. After the form is filled out we will

schedule a 60-90 minute sleep education call where you will learn tips

and tricks and new tools to enhance your child’s sleep.

2nd Place Prize Details:

Bundle of Joy Sleep Education Call

This package will help guide mommas who are pregnant or in the thick of

the newborn stage. This 30-minute sleep education call will focus on

normal infant sleep, what to expect, red flags to look out for, and the

importance of attachment.


On May 5th, we will host a live event at the Amherstburg Sobeys to celebrate their one-year anniversary. We are delighted to join Rick, Krista, and their fantastic team in marking the successful completion of their first year at the helm of the store.

CKRT will be hosting a Song Writing workshop starting on May 14.For details and requirements, or if your interested in registering, please visit our events page by clicking here.

Starting May 24, tune in for the new talk show 'On Air with Zach’ airing Friday evenings at 7:00 pm (EST). Dive into the latest on the best, the worst, the wildest, and yes, even some classic dad jokes.

On May 30 we have the pleasure of doing a live broadcast for the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, being held at the Columbian Club in McGregor.

You will hear the winners as they are announced right along with us.


We are still in the process of having our apps built for Alexa, Apple, and Google. This process is long and has caused me more grey hair than I care to admit. Apparently they are working to speed things up now due to the length of time it has dragged on. We will be doing a contest to give away an Amazon Alexa very soon, I just thought it would be nice to give it away at a time we could actually be on it. So stay tuned for that announcement. You may not need to be listening on any devices because you will probably hear me hollering from the rooftop the day it happens!!

Even though we are looking at April in the rear view now, it was a great month. 

We were live at GL Heritage Brewery in Amherstburg for the solar eclipse viewing party, did an interview with five time ECMA winner Charlie A’Court, got to announce the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards finalists live with Dan Gemus in the studio, the station got interviewed by the Windsor Star, started a new show/podcast called ‘Wrestling Roundup with Jay & Dan’ that will air every Sunday at 3:00 PM (EST), and PD bought himself a new car. It’s been a busy, fantastic, exciting month.

On a final note, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has taken the time to support the station. The listeners, the ones who subscribe to the newsletter, the likes and follows on Facebook, the people who take the time to email song requests or funny stories, the texts, the calls, our sponsors, and my staff.

My gratitude to you is unending, so thank you all so very, very, much.

Much love to you all,




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